Dispose of your garbage disposal woes..


Here’s a list of things you could do to prolong the life of your garbage disposal to prevent it from rusting, breaking, and requiring service.

1. Keep it clean

It’s a good idea to flush cold water down the garbage disposal to make sure no debris accumulate there and could later clog the drain. Try flushing it for about a minute along with some dish soap and cold water right after you’re done washing dishes. Throw in some peels of citrus to get an amazing citrus smell spread throughout your whole kitchen. The smell will “activate” again the next time you run the disposal.

2. To Grind or not to Grind – that is the question

Don’t grind any glass, plastic, metal or even paper. Also starchy rice, pasta or potato peels are a bad idea – they will expand with the moisture in your pipes and may create pasty messes and clog the drain. As opposed to common belief – egg shells, chicken bones and other hard but organic substances are actually good for your disposal and will make sure the grinder chamber walls remain clean.

3. Hot or Not?

Better to use cold water down the drain and not hot, as the cold water will solidify any greasy particles that may be hanging out in the grinding chamber and chop them up to little pieces. When grinding is complete – make sure you turn off the grinding but leave the water on for another 15 seconds to flush through any remains.


If you read this post too late and your disposal is giving signs of distress – give us a call here at Go Green Plumbing – and we’ll have a plumber on his way to you ASAP