Slow drains in sinks and tubs are some of the most annoying little house problems there are. On one hand it is not catastrophic enough  requiring professional assistance right away, so it becomes easy to procrastinate on, and on the other hand – slow drains could really test your patience.

The easiest way to deal with a clogged sink is to prevent the problem to begin with – which could be done by implementing  just a few simple tips &  tricks.


1. Drain Screen:

Hair and soap residue are usually the culprits of clogged bathroom sinks and tubs. You can buy a little plastic raised screen at any bath or hardware store, place it over your drain to catch any non drain friendly residues and clean it out often.

2. Fat Free Drain:

Similarly to your arteries, drains HATE fat. When cooking, allow any extra grease to harden and then scoop it out into the trash. In case of frying oil or anything liquid – pour into an empty plastic bottle and toss it away after closing tightly. Either way do not pour the grease down the drain. It will harden and clog up the twisty drain pipes.

3. Someone said Drano?

Be cautious of chemical drain cleaners. They contain harsh chemicals that could erode the pipes, and create serious damage. Use them sparingly and follow the instructions carefully.

4. Boiling Water

It’s good practice to pour boiling water down the drain regularly as part of your cleaning ritual. This helps loosen up any problematic residues and prevent accumulation of dirt that can lead to clogged drains later on.