Chances are you have probably seen the ads on television for “touchless” faucets which are activated by waving your hand underneath the sensor, like you regularly see in many general public restrooms. Whether you’ve simply handled raw chicken or in the middle of painting a room, a hands-free faucet is seen as a convenience that is worth the effort and additional expense.


What are some of the advantages of a hands-free faucet?  Let one of our San Diego plumbers explain the benefits to you:

Messy hands are your main concern. Your dirty hands are able rinse off in the water without getting the faucet handle messy. You get to have clean hands as well as a clean faucet. Installing a touchless/sensor soap dispenser will probably be worth considering, too.

Germs are another reason to applause for this touchless technology. Some germs last for a very long time and will survive on almost every surface around your home. If you touch a surface with germs, you may be contaminated. If you don’t have to touch the surface, the problem is eliminated, thus well done for touchless technologies.

These are extremely easy to use; stick your hand out (or touch it using your elbow) and water comes out. These faucets can be a great convenience.

The sensor faucets turn off automatically, which is seen as a plus for individuals who tend to leave the water running unnecessarily. A touchless faucet helps you to save money and water.

San Diego touchless faucet

Touchless faucets come in a number of styles and finishes and therefore are an economical choice for some homeowners. When deciding on your faucet, it’s a good idea to purchase the one which is compatible using the holes in your existing sink. Also look at the various features that may work best in your case, like whether this faucet is power supply operated (requiring someone to go under the cabinet to vary the battery) or plugs into a power source. Some may also be cat-proof, which could be an important consideration but if your household includes wondering cats.

Call your local San Diego home plumbing company for more information about installing a touchless water faucet.