It always seems like the toilet is getting clogged or having trouble flushing. Performing your own plumbing repairs is a lot easier to deal with today than it was 50 years ago. In the old days, a leaky faucet was repaired by disassembling the valve and repacking it with a common string. Today, you can easily remove the old cartridge and put in a brand new one. Back in the day if your toilet was running you had to replace a rubber gasket or throw in a new washer. Today, it is much easier to simply remove and replace the entire flushing mechanism. Most common toilet plumbing problems can be fixed by making slight adjustments to the handle and the attached lift wires or lift chains. If you are having an issue with your toilet here are some common problems and the repairs that can fix them:

Toilet handle sticks or is hard to push. Handle must be held down for entire flush.
1. Adjust lift wire or chain
2. Clean and adjust handle
1. Adjust handle.
2. Shorten lift chain or wires.
3. Replace waterlogged flapper


Handle is loose. Toilet will not flush at all.
1. Adjust handle.
2. Reattach lift chain or lift wires.
1. Make sure water is turned on.
2. Adjust lift chain or lift wires.
3. Replace waterlogged flapper


Toilet does not flush completely. Toilet overflows or flushes sluggishly.
1. Adjust lift chain.
2. Adjust water level in tank.
3. Increase pressure on pressure-assisted toilet.
1. Clear clogged toilet.
2. Clear clogged main waste-vent stack.


Toilet runs continuously. Water on floor around toilet.
1. Adjust lift wires or lift chain.
2. Replace leaky float ball.
3. Adjust water level in tank.
4. Adjust and clean flush valve.
5. Replace flush valve.
6. Repair or replace ballcock.
7. Service pressure-assist valve.
1. Tighten tank bolts and water connections.
2. Insulate tank to prevent condensation.
3. Replace wax ring.
4. Replace cracked tank or bowl.


Toilet noisy when filling. Weak flush.
1. Open shut-off valve completely.
2. Replace ballcock and float valve.
3. Refill tube is disconnected.
1. Clean clogged rim openings.
2. Replace old low-flow toilet.


Toilet rocks.
1. Replace wax ring and bolts.
2. Replace toilet flange.


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