Everybody enjoys a hot, relaxing shower especially when the water pressure is enough to provide a massaging and restorative experience. But where does all that pressure come from and is there a way to lower it if it becomes too excessive?

Water Pressure
The utility company within your neighborhood that supplies your water is required to deliver that water at a minimum prescribed level. They accomplish this goal in several ways from water towers to high pressure pumps. In addition to water towers and pumps, they also depend on gravity to help out with the operation.

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Since gravity plays no favorites plus the utility must deliver the very least water pressure to your residence that is at the top of a hill, the homes towards the bottom of the hill will experience a larger water pressure. This case is not in particular problematic in levels or small communities. As communities increase and encompass more territory and more elevation changes, the utility must, generally, increase its water pressure level to adequately supply all its customers.

Water Pressure Regulators
Typically, the increase with water pressure is usually handled by the present residential pipes but also in extreme cases, a water pressure regulator will have to be installed to reduce the pressure. This revolutionary product is usually located outside close to the water meter or inside for the water supply pipes that produce the water heating unit. It is recommended that the a professional San Diego plumber installs this very valuable kitchen appliance.

In addition, the installation of a water pressure regulator creates a closed system which is subject to arctic expansion. Hiring a San Diego plumber to install a thermal expansion tank for the cold water line is definitely an inexpensive solution to the present problem. If adding a regulator, be sure you consult with your own San Diego plumbing professional with this device.

Hot Water and Plenty of It
Once put in, water pressure regulators is usually set across a variety of pressure from 45 psi to eighty five psi. Most San Diego plumbing contractor professionals recommend 50- fifty five psi. In any case, a water pressure regulator will guard your pipes plus your water heater through undue stress and still provide a great and relaxing shower.