Water Damage in Naples Florida

Have you experienced a flood damage incident?
Imagine coming home or back to work after running errands to a flooded property. A property or home flood can happen in Naples or Fort Myers as a result of too much rain, storm surge, hurricane damage, or even a burst pipe in the wall. Property in low areas near the ocean can also have a much larger risk of experiencing a water damage incident than other properties inland or at higher elevations. Wherever your property may be located, if you have had a flood, water removal is absolutely essential to ensure moisture levels remain at bay so there is no mold or microbial growth.

Immediately following any property flood, you should first organize any personal belongings and begin clearing out small debris. Larger debris can be cleared out once all the smaller items have been disposed of. A good way to organize your belongings is to make sure to be able to assess the value and damage of each item. We understand this can be extremely difficult and emotional task, so thats why we are here to help you.

Once the debris is removed and you have salvaged any belongings, you need to discard any and all food items located in the property. The mold, bacteria, and viruses that begin to grow in the standing flood water can make you or any other persons on the property extremely ill, be sure to not eat anything that was left in the house, even if it looks or smells safe.
If you ever have a home or property flood, be sure to act quickly. The quicker you act, the less water damage Naples is likely to occur and the safer you will be.

We currently use the following equipment:

  • Truck Mounted Extraction Equipment (Hoses, Vaccums, Etc.)
  • Submersible Gas-Powered Water Extraction Pumps
  • Moisture Detectors
  • Hygrometers
  • Thermal Imaging Cameras (Below-the-surface leak detection)