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Raise Your Homes Value by Updating Plumbing

Are you considering selling your home? Do you want to get the most money possible? You can experience a 260% average return on investment by simply updating your homes plumbing and electricity fixtures. To make sure you are making the most out of repairing your plumbing and electricity, utilize these economical, yet effective measures:

1. […]

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Green Plumbing Tips

Switching over to a Green plumbing system will not only save you money and help the environment, but it will also increase your properties resale value. Here are a few green plumbing tips you can follow on a daily basis:
1. Reduce water usage around your home
• Replace old toilets with new low water toilets. […]

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How to Hire a Plumber

Have you hired an expensive plumber only to be completely unsatisfied with the results of their repair? When we want our plumbing fixed, it needs to be done the right way, the first time. Below are a few good tips you should follow whenever you’re planning to hire a local San Diego plumber, or […]

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The Advantages of Having a Touchless Faucet Installed

Chances are you have probably seen the ads on television for “touchless” faucets which are activated by waving your hand underneath the sensor, like you regularly see in many general public restrooms. Whether you’ve simply handled raw chicken or in the middle of painting a room, a hands-free faucet is seen as a convenience […]

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How to Lower Your Water Pressure

Everybody enjoys a hot, relaxing shower especially when the water pressure is enough to provide a massaging and restorative experience. But where does all that pressure come from and is there a way to lower it if it becomes too excessive?

Water Pressure
The utility company within your neighborhood that supplies your water is required to […]

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Improving Your San Diego Home Plumbing Helps Increase Home Value

Housing market is improving – top five plumbing related-improvements that will increase your home value.

Plumbing inspections are very important. Home improvement is not always cosmetic. San Diego home plumbing problems hidden inside your property can decrease your home’s value. Hiring an experienced plumbing inspector to come in a check out your home is especially […]

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Stop Treating Your Pipes with Harmful Chemicals: San Diego Plumbing Tips

Any normal, household sewer system is directly connected to a complicated plumbing system underneath our home. The pipes running throughout our home are very similar to the circulatory system in our bodies. In order for blood and water to flow properly it needs to be unimpeded by any foreign objects that don’t belong in […]

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The Truth Behind Green Cleaners: San Diego Plumbing

It seems like every San Diego plumbing company is going “green” these days, which means that they are all searching for new and different ways to make our world a better, safer place for the next generations. Many people think they can start saving the planet by simply purchasing new cleaners and chemicals to […]

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Replacing Your Old Toilet Seat Without a San Diego Plumber

Everyone experiences times when plumbing help is a vital necessity. If it’s raining in your kitchen because of a busted pipe or your sewer line is emptying out in your front yard, it is usually advisable to call a plumbing professional. Installing a toilet seat is definitely not one of these instances. The replacement […]

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Can you Hear Your San Diego Plumbing Leaking?

Can you Hear Your San Diego Plumbing Leaking?

Nothing is worse than lying in bed, hearing water dripping, and having absolutely no idea where the leak is coming from. The first places you check will be the most obvious. The bathtub, sink, and toilet are where most leaks occur, but you cannot find any problems […]

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