Sewer Line Repair

There was a time when repairing your sewer lines would involve tearing up the outside of your home or business to install a whole new line, running adjacent to the damaged line. Luckily for you times have changed. The sewer line repair technicians at Go Green Drains & Plumbing can fix your damaged pipes in a cost effective manner, without having to tear up your front yard, driveway, or sidewalk. This practice is commonly referred to as trenchless sewer repair. Using trenchless sewer repair we can get your pipes working like new faster than ever before. If you are looking for sewer line repair in San Diego Call Now! (858) 309-5366

Trenchless sewer line repair uses a unique material to create a new pipe that lies inside of your old, damaged sewer line. This new pipe is incredibly thin, allowing minimal loss to the interior diameter of the old pipe. It is also much stronger than the old pipe and does not have any breachors that are known to cause problems and lead to expensive repairs. Some companies will only fix the section of the pipe that is damaged, however this will only solve the problem for a short period of time and there is a good chance the pipe will start leaking again. We always recommend having your pipe completely relined so that no further issues may arise.

The advantages of trenchless pipe repair:

  • No digging
  • Less equipment
  • Faster
  • No damage to exterior
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cheaper
  • Less risk of injury
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If you are having a problem with your sewer line and are looking for an experienced plumber to perform repairs do not hesitate to give us a call. We will dispatch a highly trained and friendly plumbing technician immediately after receiving your initial call and will arrive under an hour with a fully stocked van to most locations in San Diego County. We are available for emergency services 24/7. Give us a call now!

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